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Baking Because...

We Love Animals

Baking for New Beginnings
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Hello. My name is "Miss Kit-Tan"


Secrets be told... my adopted mom got all of her baking recipes from me - that's right, I beamed them right into her head!

But as lucky as she was to have adopted me there are many more people/pet connections that need to be made. 

I know every pet can't be a recipe generating genius like me but I also know that every pet does deserve a people pal of their own.

Won't you join our mission?

Baking up some support

for our Furry Friends

Being so utterly thankful for all of the furry friends that have made my life sparkle it is my wild wild dream that every Furry has a friend and most importantly a place to call home.

With the help of many we can support the hard working organizations that get us closer to that dream - one day at a time.


Lead Crazy Baker  -

Power Yummies

The Seattle Animal Shelter

The Seattle Animal Shelter is a tireless group of dedicated people working to care for and keep safe all of the beautiful Furries waiting for their Forever Home.

Let's do all that we can to help out.

Let's Work Together!

Power Yummies

Will Donate...

50% of all profits from

  • classes

  • workshops

  • and demos

10% of all profits from

  • Retail Sales

plus volunteering at a lot of fun events!


Learn & EARN


Everytime you join us for one our fun and informal "Bake & Take" workshops!

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